"Improper computer or security configurations and programming errors are causing vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals. The “Zero-Day” concept refers to the fact, that the developers are already aware of the vulnerabilities, and maybe the attackers as well, and as a consequence, they have “zero days” to fix the issues.
The Cybersecurity Strategy Conference adopts this concept. We all know, that we are surrounded by cyber-criminality and we work to combat and mitigate the risk.
During this day we will speak about a global cyber-defence strategy, we will discover new and innovative cybersecurity technologies and solution, and we will be working with the most recognized field-experts on the Cybersecurity Strategy for 2021.


Who speaks about us:

Our Team

Mária Bicsi

Event Manager

Mária is Project Manager at PSYND and Community Manager for the Swiss-CyberSecurity association.

Mauro Verderosa

Managing Director

CISSP Cybersecurity Expert and IAM specialist. Mauro is CEO at PSYND and founder of the community Swiss-CyberSecurity.

Susan Mylin

Event Support

Hasinah Tabet

Event Support

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