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Improper computer or security configurations and programming errors are causing vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals. The “Zero-Day” concept refers to the fact, that the developers are already aware of the vulnerabilities, and maybe the attackers as well, and as a consequence, they have “zero days” to fix the issues.

The Cybersecurity Strategy Conference adopts this concept. We all know, that we are surrounded by cyber-criminality and we work to combat and mitigate the risk.
During this day we will speak about a global cyber-defense strategy, we will discover new and innovative cybersecurity technologies and solution, and we will be working with the most recognized field-experts on the Cybersecurity Strategy for 2024.

Our awesome team

Event Director

Mária is a Cybersecurity Project Manager at PSYND and Community Manager for the Swiss-CyberSecurity association.

Event Support

Event Support

Web Development

Stan is a Cybersecurity Analyst at PSYND and assisted in creating the conference website.

Content Coordinator

Managing Director CISSP Cybersecurity Expert and IAM specialist. Mauro is CEO at PSYND and founder of the community Swiss-CyberSecurity.