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Building Cyberpeace One NGO at a Time with You

Building Cyberpeace One NGO at a Time with You

The Cyber Peace Builders are cybersecurity experts with a wide range of profiles, both technical and non-technical, employed by local and international companies, who volunteer to help NGOs protect themselves from online threats. It is a critical piece in the cybersecurity puzzle that complements uniquely what other NGOs are doing : it provides cybersecurity labor. Volunteers who can take NGOs staff by the hand and guide them through the cyber maze. Discover why it exists, what is behind and how your organization can help!


About The Speaker

Fabien Leimgruber

Senior Program Manager Fabien joined the CyberPeace Institute in 2020. His role is to build up the CyberPeace Builders’ network. Fabien has several years experience in cybersecurity in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. He managed the Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit at Kudelski Security and then he joined the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as the Information Security Awareness Adviser. He has a Masters of Law in Criminality and Information Security from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.
Senior Program Manager at CyberPeace Institute

The CyberPeace Institute is an independent and neutral non governmental organization whose mission is to ensure the rights of people to security, dignity and equity in cyberspace. The Institute works in close collaboration with relevant partners to reduce the harms from cyberattacks on people’s lives worldwide, and provide assistance. By analyzing cyberattacks, the Institute exposes their societal impact, how international laws and norms are being violated, and advances responsible behaviour to enforce cyberpeace.


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