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Continuous Adaptive Trust – The Space-Time Continuum of Application Security

Continuous Adaptive Trust – The Space-Time Continuum of Application Security

Application security is currently undergoing major changes. Web applications are being replaced by Apps. Application architectures are moving from monolithic to microservices. Infrastructure is migrating from virtualized to container and deployments move from on-site to the cloud. All these changes have huge implications for application security. Protecting against the OWASP Top 10 for Application security and API security is no longer sufficient. Identity is considered the new perimeter in a Zero Trust approach and as the new perimeter, identites must be checked continuously to ascertain that users are authorized for the services, functions, and data they want to access without detriment to the user experience. With Continuous Adaptive Trust (CAT) the verification of identities is taken to the next level by taking into consideration how a user’s context changes over the lifetime of a session. User authentication interactions are kept to the minimum while maintaining the security level required by the application. With CAT we are changing security from a static setup to dynamic protection. Learn about the benefits of continuous adaptive trust, how it works, and how to achieve it.


About The Speaker

Michael Doujak

After his studies at the ETH Zurich, Michael Doujak went through various positions. For 20 years he has planned and implemented different projects and solutions in the field of Identity Management. Particularly noteworthy are 10 years in the banking industry in the area of IT infrastructure and security. He was responsible for the development of SwissSign as issuer of qualified certificates in Switzerland, the development of the EPD infrastructure and the referral platform solution of the Swiss Post. He is a profound expert in the field, from the underlying technology up to the business use cases. Michael Doujak is currently working as Product Manager for Airlock at Ergon Informatik.
Product Manager at Airlock (Ergon)

Airlock covers all functions of modern application security combining web application and API protection (WAAP) with customer identity management (cIAM) and strong authentication. It can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or as lightweight security micro gateway, designed specifically for use in container environments, which helps DevOps engineers and application teams to protect their services from unauthorized or malicious access with little effort.


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