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Cybercrime as a Service

Cybercrime as a Service

During the last decade, cyber crime has evolved to a profitable business with hundreds of millions of “profits” made. Whereas in the past one needed to be a IT and cybersecurity expert for launching a “successful” and profitable attack, today a new model has appeared where the “highly specialized” cyber-criminals offer their knowledge and tools as any normal commercial web service. As a result any non-expert is able to hire, make use and access, powerful tools and services and launch a highly sophisticated attack to any target wished.
A full and active market of zero-day exploits and innovative attack methods has been developed, based on modern web commercial models.


About The Speaker

Dimitri Konstantas

Dimitri Konstantas is a Professor at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) of the University of Geneva (CH), director of the Information Science Institute (ISI), and member of the Information Service Science Institute of the University Center of Computer Science (CUI), having served at different positions (vice-dean, faculty president, elected dean). Prof Konstantas started his carrier in electronic engineering and computer science, and since 1987 is active in research in various areas (Object Oriented systems, e-commerce services, networks, IoT, Information Security, mobile services, e- and m-health services of elderly, business development), with more than 150 publications in international conferences, journals, books, and book chapters and with participation and leadership in numerous European projects, as well as nominations as a consultant and scientific expert for several international companies and government. Since 2011 he directs the Master of Advanced studies in Information Security of the University of Geneva, and directs research in different aspects of cybersecurity, from IoT to e-services and mobile applications. In the last 5 years he is directing large research projects in Autonomous Mobility for public transportation (European projects AVENUE, ULTIMO), where the questions of cyber security are a crucial element for the success of the mobility services.
Professor, Director of MAS in Information Security at UNIGE

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