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Dive into gamified cyber defense: Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

Dive into gamified cyber defense: Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

Ever thought a computer game could shape the future of cybersecurity? Welcome to the KIPS Game, where the thrill of gaming meets the intricate world of cyber defense. Dive into this interactive computer game experience, where each click might lead your virtual business to success or a digital pitfall, all depending on your moves.


This game is rooted in reality, drawing inspiration from actual cyberattacks, some of which were closely investigated by Kaspersky experts. As you navigate its challenges, you’re not just playing but also confronting realistic scenarios that reflect genuine digital threats.


As participants, you’ll be working in teams, adopting roles akin to IT professionals, confronting various unexpected cybersecurity challenges. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or merely curious about the realm of cybersecurity, we’ve tailored this experience with easy-to-follow scripts to cater to all.


Joining the game is hassle-free! No personal information required—just gear up with your laptop and an original team name.


About The Speaker

Roland Sako

Roland Sako is a security researcher with the Kaspersky Switzerland. Based in Geneva, he works for the Kaspersky ICS CERT, where his responsibilities include vulnerability research as well as the development and delivery of technical trainings. With a background in security consulting and training development, Roland has a strong interest for embedded devices security. He also employs gamification to engage learners in security- related subjects. Roland holds a Masters degree in Legal Issues, Crimes, and IT Security from the University of Lausanne.
Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab

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