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Envisioning The Future of Decentralized Identity Management

Envisioning The Future of Decentralized Identity Management

Decentralized Identity is enabling individuals and organizations to have control over their own personal data, providing self-sovereignty, privacy and security. But, it is a relatively new concept with high development and standardization dynamics.

Ping Identity’s new Decentralized solution provides identity verification (proofing), along with digital credential issuance and verification, so organizations can instantly ensure users are who they claim to be. It saves time by instantly ensuring the source, validity and accuracy of credentials and reduces costs associated with issuing physical credentials, managing personal accounts and preferences, managing eligibility, and mitigating identity theft.

In this session presented by Mehmet Yaliman, Principal Solutions Architect at Ping Identity we will look into what we should do today to take full advantage of this promising concept.


About The Speaker

Mehmet Yaliman

Mehmet has been working in the Identity space for over a decade, spending time in various roles at the customer, integrator and vendor sides. In his current role at Ping Identity as a Sr. Solutions Architect he supports customers and prospects across EMEA to find the right solution for their next identity-related project. After starting his IT career in 2007 with web and application development, Mehmet moved to the Identity and Access Management space in 2009, continuing to navigate in the same since then. Mehmet has worked in various roles, from consultant to support engineer and architect, on all fronts, system integrator, customer and vendor. In 2018 he (re-)joined Ping Identity in his current role as a Senior Solutions Architect for EMEA.
Sr. Solutions Architect EMEA at Ping Identity

At Ping Identity, we believe in making digital experiences both secure and seamless for all users, without compromise. That’s digital freedom. We let enterprises combine our best-in-class identity solutions with third-party services they already use to remove passwords, prevent fraud, support Zero Trust, or anything in between. This can be accomplished through a simple drag-and-drop canvas. That’s why more than half of the Fortune 100 choose Ping Identity to protect digital interactions from their users while making experiences frictionless.


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