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Opening Keynote | Security in an Unsecure World – During a Multicrisis

Opening Keynote | Security in an Unsecure World – During a Multicrisis

Cybersecurity does not begin with the installation of antivirus software. It starts much earlier, with the analysis of one’s own risks and dependencies. I.e., our digital society is completely dependent on electricity. Without electricity, there is no IT – and vice versa! However, where does all our IT-Hardware come from? And what has Argon-gas to do with all of this?

The events of the last few years, from the Covid pandemic, to the Russian war of aggression, to the looming energy shortage in Switzerland, have shown us how risk exposure can change quickly and fundamentally. Oh, and what actually happens if Taiwan were to be attacked? A “perfect storm” looms in the coming winter. – A combination of a new Covid wave, simultaneously with an energy shortage and a further escalation of the war in Ukraine.

Daniel Caduff presents possible scenarios and how these scenarios should be reflected in your cybersecurity strategy.


About The Speaker

Daniel Caduff

Daniel Caduff is a political scientist and a digital native. He earned his master’s degree at Zurich University, focusing on security-policy. After some years in consulting, he joined the Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply in 2014 as a project manager for the Swiss National Cyber Strategy. Today, Daniel works as the Deputy Head of Secretariat at FONES, leading the cybersecurity team. He focus on strengthening resilience for critical infrastructure suppliers against cyber risks in a holistic approach. Daniel is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He is a member of the Steering Committee for the Swiss National Cyber Strategy and a member of the Industrial Resources and Communications GROUP (IRCSG) at NATO. He contributes regularly to national and international cyber- and security-policy conferences.
Deputy Head of Secretariat at FONES

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