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Ransomware Role-Playing: A Guided Tabletop Exercise with Talos IR

Ransomware Role-Playing: A Guided Tabletop Exercise with Talos IR

A member from the research group Cisco Talos will guide the audience through a scripted tabletop exercise. The session will follow the format of the role-playing game Dungeon & Dragons – participants will be divided into different groups, each one representing a character that is typically involved in the response to a cybersecurity incident. The moderator will then take the group through a virtual board of events, which, depending on the luck of the participants, can either roll positively and set up the fictious company for success or, if the dice says so, set them up for failure.

Participants will be handed in a script that they can follow during the game, thus allowing anyone regardless of their level of technical expertise to participate.

The playful format of this session depicts vividly what actions can be done by a company to prepare for a cybersecurity incident and what the repercussions of failing to do so are.

As a conclusion, we will show how Cisco XDR could be used to support you during incident response by consolidating, enriching and responding to your security events.


About The Speaker

Vanja Svajcer

Vanja Svajcer works as a Technical Leader at Cisco Talos. He is a security researcher with more than 20 years of experience in malware research, cyber threat intelligence and detection development. Prior to joining Talos, Vanja worked as a Principal Researcher for SophosLabs and led a Security Research Team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Vanja enjoys tinkering with automated analysis systems, reversing binaries and analysing mobile malware. He thinks time spent scraping telemetry data to find indicators of new attacks is well worth the effort. He presented his work at conferences such as Virus Bulletin, RSA, CARO, AVAR, BalCCon and others.
Technical Leader at Cisco Talos

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