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Security at the Speed of Elastic

Security at the Speed of Elastic

This session will cover how Elastic can equip security teams to prevent, detect, and respond to threats at cloud speed and scale in a hybrid model.


About The Speaker

Sebastien Michel

Sebastien Michel started his security journey at HSBC as internal security auditor and CISO of HSBC Private Bank in France. He spent 8 years at Qualys as a technical account manager in France and Switzerland. In 2019, he joined Elastic as Principal Solutions Architect.
Principal Solution Architect at Elastic

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Increasingly complex attacks require new approaches to cyber protection. Elastic Security accelerates and improves prevention, detection and response for secure business operations. With Elastic Security, your teams can quickly find the data they need to prevent, detect, and respond to complex cyber threats at scale, minimizing risk and protecting your organization’s reputation.