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Securing the Enterprise Against AI Threats: Practical Insights and Recommendations

Securing the Enterprise Against AI Threats: Practical Insights and Recommendations

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing various industries and enhancing productivity and efficiency in unprecedented ways. However, as AI continues to advance, it also brings forth new security challenges for enterprises. Threat actors are leveraging AI technology to launch sophisticated attacks, while AI systems adopted by enterprises may introduce new kinds of vulnerabilities themselves.In this talk, Fabian Gasser is going to provide practical insights and suggestions to stay secure in an AI-enabled world.


About The Speaker

Fabian Gasser

Fabian is the Head of Cyber Advisory at Ontinue. His teams protect customers globally by localizing detection & response measures, by providing expert support in incident response scenarios, and by helping customers proactively improve their security posture to stop attacks. Having previously built and operated the Ontinue Cyber Defense Center over several years as Head of SOC, Fabian commands extensive experience in the technical and operational intersections of threat detection and response. Fabian has a background in security software engineering and architecture, and has authored several security products. His research in applying machine learning for digital forensics was published in academic literature and has resulted in a startup.
Head of Cyber Advisory at Ontinue

Ontinue, AI-Powered MXDR provider, is on a mission to be the most trusted, 24/7, always-on security partner that empowers customers to embrace the future by operating more strategically and with less risk. Grounded in an intelligent, cloud-delivered SecOps platform, Ontinue offers superior protection that goes well beyond basic detection and response services.

Ontinue is the only MXDR provider that leverages AI-driven automation, human expertise, and the Microsoft security platform to continuously assess and protect your environment and advance your security posture for digital transformation.

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