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What is Missing in my Cybersecurity Strategy?

What is Missing in my Cybersecurity Strategy?

We have embarked on transformation initiatives. You know them as Zero Trust, Agile, Cloud migration, or digitalization, and you execute them under increasingly uncertain times and shifting threat landscapes. Solid and wholistic cyber security strategies are needed, yet many strategies struggle to succeed. What are you missing in your strategy? In this session we will cover often overlooked, yet fundamental, building blocks which represent the Achilles’ heel in an otherwise successful strategy.


About The Speaker

Mark Barwinski

As the Global Head of Cyber Operations at UBS AG in Zurich, Switzerland, Mark is responsible for strategy and transformation of the Security Operations Center, and driving development of cyber capabilities through organically developed supervised machine learning and artificial intelligence enabled tools. Mark’s previous roles in Europe include Global Head of Cybersecurity Protection and Detection at Siemens (Germany), and a variety of advising roles as a CISO and Cyber Security Director at PwC Switzerland. Before emigrating to Europe, Mark spent nearly 12 years in a variety of technical and senior leadership roles at the National Security Agency (NSA), where he began his cyber career developing offensive software capabilities at Tailored Access Operations (TAO) – the elite NSA hacking team. He was recognized by General Alexander, Director NSA, for outstanding contributions in Computer Network Operations (CNO) two years running (2007-2008). As a cyber “civilian”, he volunteered for two tours in Afghanistan supporting cyber intelligence operations and spent two years representing the NSA Threat Operations Center (NTOC) to Canada’s Intelligence Agency – Communications Security Establishment (CSE), closely supporting joint operations and FVEY collaboration.
Global Head of Cyber Operations at UBS AG

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